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Yesterday I was in a Christmas party at my friend Mirette’s home. Our friends Odessa, Eleclya, and Suavecita were there as well.
We ate plum tarts, pizza pastries, salmiakki marble cake (or “tiger cake” as it’s called in Finnish because it has dark stripes, usually made with cocoa powder) chocolate truffles, vinegar crisps, played Uno and took photos.

In Finland we have this thing called “pikkujoulu” (pikku means tiny or little, and joulu comes from the word Yule). It’s kind of a pre- Christmas party celebrated before Christmas usually between friends, and it’s usually about boozing, while the “main” Christmas party on December 25th is all about being with family and being thankful and tranquil.

Odessa left a bit earlier, and me and Mirette and the other two weirdos left at the same time. Mirette came to my home for a sleepover, we stopped by Mike’s Diner to order French fries for her and fish ‘n chips for me.

Once at my home, we had an amazing feast while I played Pokémon. I made it to the fight with Giovanni in Silph Company, but I didn’t feel like playing all the way to Pokémon Tower because, well, it makes me frightened.

I slept well, and had dreams about walking on the roads of my old hometown. There were Halloween pumpkins the size of cars, and snapping turtles. I also dreamed of the summer cottage.

I got up about at midday, took my morning medicine, put on clothes, and called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.

Mirette left at the same time, she went to the train station, I was thinking of walking to my parents’ home but the roads were dangerously slippery, so I took the bus ##%.

Once home, my dad gave me 100 euros. He gives me and my brother the same amount of money at the beginning of every December, to spend on whatever we want.

I had lunch and afternoon coffee with my mother, and we both left at the same time because we were going shopping.

I walked to Myyr York and went to the Small Mole shopping mall.
I went to the supermarket and bought a pair of black winter gloves, a small doll, and a small jar of L’Oreal face cream.
I am going to buy more pairs of winter gloves in case I lose one pair. The doll was supposed to be a toddler named Chelsea from the Barbie doll series.
Hopefully the face cream will be gentle on my skin, considering how sensitive it is, especially during winter when the air outside is cold, and the air inside is dry because of the air conditioning.

I went to Hennes & Mauritz and bought a pair of christmassy Pusheen the cat pyjama pants, and a holly flower crown with red plastic berries and green canvas flowers.

I was thinking of going home for today, because I didn’t feel like shopping anymore. Imagine it, I didn’t feel like shopping!
It was just that there are tons of things I want to buy when I am broke, and now I had that lovely lolly and didn’t know how to spend it, even if I knew what I needed to buy. I knew that if I bought something, I couldn’t afford anything else.

I took the bus #) to Helsinki, and went to Forum shopping center. I went to the Finlayson pop up store and bought a new shopping bag, red with a white heart pattern.
I also went to Gina Tricot next door and bought a necklace representing the star sign Capricorn. It has three pendants, a tiny gold- plated buckhorn, a small round zircon, and a gilded plate with tiny zircons embedded to form the constellation of Capricorn.

I took a train to Myyr York and went home. I put everything to their rightful places.

I was feeling terribly moody, I guess it is just my PMS but this time I felt absolutely furious, I almost got scared. I had to take tranquillizers and also take my evening medicine before eight o’clock so I would calm down.

In the evening I washed my face and dabbed the lotion on it. Now I have a burning, stinging sensation on my face, here’s to hoping it won’t ruin my skin.

I am pondering whether I should already go to sleep because it was getting late, but there was still so much to do. Then again, maybe tomorrow I would be more up to it after I have had a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow I will go to Pearl House, I have decided to go there each Monday just like I go to Late Winds on Tuesdays, and Lappish Spring on Thursdays.
I also need to finish the rest of the housework; I need to hoover and mop the floor including under the furniture, scrub the bathroom, swab the kitchen counter and writing desk, hoover my bed and mattress and dress my bed in fresh sheets, and take out the recycling.
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