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It's crazy, the amount of pornographic dreams I had this morning. I didn't get up until half past three o'clock in the afternoon (3:30 pm) and I felt a bit awkward.

In the dreams, I had stripped myself completely stark- naked and masturbated, and in the dream I was visited by my fandom husbando Tavish DeGroot and I had given him fellatio.

I also had many of those urophilic dreams where I pee on the floor and then rub my pee all over myself. In real life, I don't find pee all that sexual, it's just another mundane deed. But dreams are very different from reality.

I had a quick wash and took my morning medicine and dressed up to the first clothes I could find from the cupboard.

I checked the balance of my bank account online, I had miraculously received 120 euros when the usual amount I receive on Wednesdays is 100 euros.

I decided not to withdraw the money, I wanted to pay with my Visa Electron. Tomorrow when I receive my guarantee welfare I might go withdraw it from the bank.

I went to Citymarket, bought enough food to serve me for a week and hygiene products for my stash, and then I hauled the huge carrier bag home.

Once home, I put the stuffs to their rightful places, had some treats and then went back to the mall to spend time.

I bought some useful stuff from the pharmacy, two travel- size bottles of hand disinfectant and two travel- size tubes of skin lotion I can use when outside my home. I bought two of each because I have the habit of hoarding hygiene products, both domestic and personal, so I won't run out of them too quickly.

When I was in the mall, I ran into Emjuso and Elyseé! We hung out for a while, hugging and cooing like three love- crazy pigeons, and then I visited a few shops and went back home.
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