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This morning I woke up early, feeling thirsty. I went to the bathroom to pee, and my pee was dark and smelled acidic. Then I drank a couple of mugs of water and went back to bed.

Later the morning I didn't bother with routines; I just took my morning medicine, dressed up into one of my prettiest outfit (probably to celebrate the fact that I had an appointment with my therapist today, finally after three months. And I like to wear my prettiest outfit when I go see my therapist, nurse or someone other who takes care of my mental well- being) and anointed my face with lotion (my face and lips were so dry they almost had crinkles).

I turned on my laptop, logged in to the online bank service and checked the balance of my bank account, I had received 120 euros but my balance was about 118,73 euros because my account had been minus 1,27 euros before

I went to the bank to withdraw 110 euros, and went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping mall and bought a sufficient amount of groceries; rye bread, orange juice, instant decaf coffee grounds, regular potable coffee grounds, frozen pizzas, satsumas, lettuce, chicken eggs, milk, butter, bananas, and probably something else.

It was tough to haul the pink Hello Kitty carrier bag home, it was like carrying four hippopotamuses. Once there, I put the bread and frozen pizzas into the freezer (the frozen pizzas are for my friends, and I always keep my bread in the freezer so they won't go moldy), the jars of coffee grounds and tins of tuna into the cupboard and the rest of the food into the fridge, including the fruits (there are a shitton of banana flies in my apartment).

Later the day I went to the shops to buy 22 Valentine's day cards, those that are going to be sent to my Finnish friends; I am going to buy different ones to my friends overseas. I am going to buy individual ones to my grandmother and my best friend Suvicita.

I bought two pairs of stud earrings from Glitter, the kind I can wear as everyday earrings; one pair of pink glittery hearts and one pair of unicorns.

I went to see my therapist today, we had an appointment at three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm). I took the bus 39 to Kamppi, and I had to go to her office early because I had a terrible need to pee.
It was nice seeing hir after a long time, I think I am going to start feeling better soon after we have talked about my troubles and solved problems. We made a new appointment for next Wednesday, February 4th at the same time.

I bought some french fries and iced lattes and walked around the city center, enjoying my time being and wishing I could afford a GlobeHope shoulder bag I can use during the warm season.
I went to Kaisaniemi subway station to sit around and write into my diary; I don't have enough time to write my diary during daytime and in the evenings I am too sleepy, so I decided to sit on the bench and write until I have reported everything up to that moment.

I went home on the M train. I called Suvicita on the way home, zie suggested that we could go to Tallinn on Valentine's day. ZOMG, I loved that idea, it would be awesome to see Katsa again!

Once back home, I ate some blueberries, accidentally broke one of the heart earrings, chatted with friends on FaceBook and watched YouTube videos.

I wish I won't feel depressed this evening when I go to sleep. I also wish my menses would start soon, I hate my PMS.
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