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I had an erotic nightmare where I got up from my bed and went to my kitchenette, took off my panties and started fondling my cervix with my middle finger, then I woke up and I felt amazed because the dream had been so realistic I thought I had gotten up from my bed for real.

I had dreams about the movie Boys don’t cry, when the dream turned morbid I decided to get up.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, ate a decent breakfast and took my vitamin supplements.

I had a therapist’s appointment today at midday, when I waited for the M train to Helsinki I was gripped by the Geography of Fear; I felt like some man was going to harass me, even if I wasn’t wearing a sexy outfit.

Once in the train, I sat opposite to a woman who was holding three black poodles in hir lap, we talked about animals for a while and zie was very kind and nice to me. At one point, I helped another person with the ticket- stamping machine, and it made me happy to help someone.

Once in Helsinki, I took the subway to Kamppi. I was about ten minutes late from the appointment, but Jaana didn’t mind.
For some peculiar reason, I felt shy when I entered hir office. I don’t know why, I have never felt that before.

While we were talking, my eyelids started slumping as if I was sleepy, but the peculiar thing is that I didn’t feel sleepy.

Nevertheless, we had a nice talk and made a new appointment on February 25th at midday.

I walked to the train station and took the M train to Myyrmäki, I had to be home soon because Miia from ASPA was coming for a home visit.

I visited Citymarket to buy myself a small pot of chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top, I felt the craving for chocolate.
Once home, Miia came to visit me. We had a nice talk and I obsessively cleaned up my apartment; I washed the dishes, washed two loads of laundry, wiped the kitchen counter, rolled the carpet back on the floor (I didn’t have time to dust it) and after Miia left, I took out the recycling. It was because my dad was coming to visit me and zie wouldn’t exactly be pleased if my apartment was untidy.

I visited Myyrmanni again, this time I returned some empty bottles and made 90 cents, which I used to buy another small pot of pudding, this time it was chocolate with mint- flavored whipped cream on top.

I went back home, my dad came to visit me because zie was supposed to renew my virus protection and Microsoft Office with hir credit card. Zie complimented that my apartment was clean, and zie didn’t blow hir fuse, not even once.

Later the day I went to see my mother, zie bought me the prescribed medicine named Lyrica, I have to take three pills each morning and evening and hope it will cure the headache I have been experiencing ever since I got the herpes virus. Zie complained about my greasy hair, and told me to wash it before I go see grandmother. Zie also told me I shouldn’t wear hair accessories (I was wearing the flower hair clip I had bought in Tallinn) if I haven’t washed my hair.

After zie left, I went to Citymarket and bought Shrovetide buns with marzipan and a liter of milk.

Once back home, I ate the treats I had bought, listened to music, surfed on the Internet and wrote into my diary, and also changed my outfit into one more comfortable one because I would have the meditation class this evening.

I visited Ärrä to buy a gift card for Spotify; I want Spotify Unlimited but for some reason my Visa Electron was rejected, so I decided to buy a new gift card each month. I see no reason why that kind of payment won’t be accepted.

I took the M train to Helsinki, then the subway to Sörnäinen and went to the apartment house where I predicted the class would be.

There were many people about my age, and most of them looked pretty ordinary. We sat on the floor on these flat pillows, some sat on chairs.

All in all, the meditation class was very relaxing and comforting, I’m looking forward to next Tuesday when the next class will be held.

I took the subway back to the city center and took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki, I went home, took my evening medicine, had a wash and went to bed.

The eczema on my right wrist is starting to show again, I think I will book a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible and ask hir for some kind of lotion or pills that will cure it for once and for all.
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