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Last night when I was in bed, I felt horny as hell. I wished Helen (the Administrator from Team Fortress 2) would make me hir sex slave. I masturbated to the idea but then I received a text message from my mother, telling me that zie is going to take part in this pesky meeting with me, Malla W. (the student welfare counselor) and Saija S. (my nurse from the psychiatric policlinic). That was a real mood killer, especially when I thought that Malla is going to tell my mother that I have never been to school this year, despite the fact that I lied to my mother that I have been to school every day. Zie is going to be ever so mad to me, and this might be the last nail to hir coffin. Oh well.

I slept pretty well and woke up early in the morning when my grandmother told me to get up, we were going to an art museum in Tampere as the first thing in the morning and zie wanted to take the first bus. I hate getting up early, but I had to. I wore my pink dirndl dress but grandmother told me to take it off because it needed mending and ironing (you know how grandmothers are) so I wore my kilt (which is actually a little old lady skirt I bought from a Salvation Army flea market) and a puke- green blouse.

For breakfast I had blueberries with sugar and Bulgarian yoghurt, and Karelian pies. They tasted good.
I took my morning medicine and washed my face, grandmother had run out of toothpaste so I couldn’t brush my teeth.

We took the bus 40 to Tampere and walked to the art museum, there were two exhibitions; one about Moomins and one named Silence by Janne Laine; the latter exhibition consisted of postcards people had sent to the artist, and black and white photos of same- sex couples kissing.
The Moomin show was awesome, there were lots of children and Japanese tourists milling about. The show consisted mostly of old Moomin toys that looked like they had been smuggled from the Soviet Union, old Moomin books in different languages and sketches and paintings by Tove Jansson.

We took the bus back to Kangasala, we got off earlier and grandmother gave me hir coin purse and a carrier bag and told me to go buy two liters of milk, so I went to the local supermarket and bought milk and went back to hir place, when I walked upstairs to hir apartment zie opened the door for me.

We had salmon soup for lunch, coffee and sugar buns for dessert. After lunch, I brushed my teeth with this special toothpaste that grandmother bought from the pharmacy, it tasted bad but I have heard it’s better than those grocery- store bought ones that have carcinogens and all kinds of icky stuff in them.

Grandmother helped me mend my pink dirndl dress and also advised me to iron it. I ironed the dress and it became very pretty.

For most of the afternoon, I listened to music on Spotify and surfed on the Internet and wrote into my diary. Later the day I went for a walk, or more like, told my grandmother I was going for a walk, actually I was going to the nearest supermarket and buy Shrovetide buns that were in discount, I noticed that when I went there to buy milk earlier the day.

Once in the supermarket, I noticed that the buns with strawberry jam were in discount but the ones with marzipan were not. I was disappointed, but I was too Zen to let it bother me.

I went back to grandmother’s and told her I had walked around the cemetary, I didn’t feel like walking by the lake even if the landscapes are stunningly beautiful; the roads were slippery and I didn’t fancy falling on my butt and breaking my arm once again.

We had pea soup for dinner. I enjoy visiting my grandmother because zie always has a stocked- up fridge.

I renewed my Netflix account, and watched a bit of Wreck- It Ralph and Mean Girls, then I started watching the 1932 movie Freaks on Vimeo.com. Seriously, the three pinheads Schlitzie Surleetz, Jenny Lee & Elvira Snow are so adorable and cute! I wish I knew them in real life. I have been thinking of starting to do volunteer work with disabled people, I have heard that people with Down syndrome are mostly happy and optimistic.
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