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This morning grandmother shouted me awake, we were supposed to go to the sauna so I could wash my hair. Grandmother has a shower in hir apartment, but it’s only a simple shower corner and everytime zie takes a shower there, hir bathroom gets flooded and zie doesn’t feel like mopping it over and over again.

Let me tell you something you already know, there’s no torture worse than getting up early in the morning especially if you still feel like sleeping. Fortunately a warm shower woke me up.

My Greyhound bus left at twenty- five minutes to ten o’clock in the morning (9:35 am), grandmother couldn’t go to the bus station with me because hir feet were aching and zie had just received cortisone injections, the doctor told hir that zie shouldn’t use hir feet too much.

Grandmother went on and on about religious subjects and told me to recite ”Our father who art in Heaven” every time I take a bus somewhere. I was glad to go back home.

I made it to the bus, the journey to Kamppi took two and half hours but felt like half an hour. I started feeling my ears relax again.

Once in Kamppi, I went to the supermarket to buy two big Fazer chocolate bars, I felt a craving for chocolate. I ate some of it and felt a stinging pain in my teeth on the left side of my lower jaw. I should have known it.

I took the bus 39 back to Myyrmäki. Once home, the only mail I had received was a healthcare bill from visiting my doctor. I’m going to take it to the social office as soon as possible.

I opened my suitcase and put all my stuffs to their rightful places and the laundry into the laundry basket. Then I had a sudden surge of energy and did a lot of housework; I washed two loads of laundry, hoovered and mopped the floor, dressed my bed in fresh sheets and opened the kitchen window to let the fresh air in.

Later the day I started feeling bored, I felt the need to be somewhere else. I didn’t feel like going to my parents’ home and Girls House wasn’t open on Sundays, so I decided to go to Kamppi through an urbane adventure.

I took the bus 55 to Tikkurila and visited Dixi shopping mall, I went to S- Market and bought soft chocolate- raspberry cookies, then I had a terrible need to pee so I went to the toilets, and then I felt the need to be back home again so I took the bus 55 back to Myyrmäki. I felt sorry about wasting so much time, I could have done more housework and gone to the gym.

Once back home, I felt very angsty but I didn’t feel like angsting so I watched my favorite movie Ghost World, and wrote into my diary.

I felt like I wanted to listen to music, I needed some background noise, but I didn’t find a song that could satisfy me.

Damn my brain chemistry, I really don’t know what else causes these insane feelings.

My forehead and a part of my scalp have been itching all day, it feels like someone is tickling them with a feather instead of feeling like fire ants pissing all over my skin; I feel it under my skin, not on my skin, and skin lotion doesn’t help it. If it continues, I am going to ask my doctor about it.
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