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I have taken up the habit of taking chrome as a nutrition supplement, it is supposed to balance your blood sugar and reduce your sweet cravings. I don't know if it's true, but it's worth a try because my cravings are driving me mad; sometimes I may even feel anxious if I don't get to eat a Bounty bar or drink a cup of sweet, milky coffee each day.
I know I should maintain a healthy diet to keep up my blood sugar, but as I have mentioned before, I cannot always afford all the healthy food I need and besides, my appetite is really poor, I cannot just force myself to eat if I don't feel like eating.
I'm not sure if I have diabetes or hypoglycemia, but there's something definitely wrong with my blood sugar.

I have also taken up the habit of doing some simple stretches every morning and evening. So far I have gotten my inner thigh muscles stiff and sore, they're always the first place that gets achy. Tomorrow I am going to the gym and then to the swimming pool.

I wish I wouldn't always be so afraid of moving outside; being a female, I am constantly worrying if my outfit is too provocative (despite the fact that I haven't worn a sexy outfit for years) or if I should take a bus or train, where and when to walk; I know it's only a natural survival instinct, and as long as the society teaches females "don't get sexually assaulted" (meaning both harassment and rape) instead of teaching males "don't assault anyone", I cannot be safe.
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