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I ran out of my most important prescription medicine, Solian, last Friday, I had only one pill for the evening when I usually take two pills. At first I was okay, except when I stayed awake the whole night between Saturday and Sunday and watched my favorite parts of American Horror Story: Asylum on Netflix. On Sunday I went to see my parents, and managed to sleep the following night.

On Monday I had an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric clinic, zie noticed that my face muscles contorted and I didn't speak as fluently as I usually do.

Once back home, I slept for the whole day, thinking about the universe, spirituality, morality, social justice; if it wasn't for the psychosomatic pain I felt in my limbs and torso, and how I grit my teeth so hard my jaws were stiff, I could have felt almost euphoric.

The next day Kaima, my worker from ASPA, called me and asked me if I am coming along when the ASPA workers and customers go to Tikkurila for a day out, and I said no, I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Later the day zie came to see me, we went to the pharmacy together and I got three month's worth of medicine, now that all the paperwork was done.

It had snowed on Monday, last week it was ten degrees warm and sunny, and now it was winter again. I know it will melt quickly, but I was still in a bitter mood. Especially when I have to wait until April 22nd when I get to buy new boots, and there are holes at the soles of my old boots and my socks get sopping wet when walking on the slushy streets.

Today I received money, I bought groceries and hygiene products and a new backpack. Later the day I went to see my therapist, we had an appointment at half past eleven o'clock ante meridiem which was too early in my standards, but I managed.

Tomorrow I will go to Kiasma, a contemporary art museum with Eija, and then I will go see Kingsman in a movie theater. I was supposed to go see it today, but I felt like I wasn't able to handle the *feels* the movie would cause.
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