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Thursday, April 2nd: I will go to the modern art museum Kiasma with Eija. After that, I will go to Tennispalatsi movie theater at five past two o'clock in the afternoon to see Kingsman.

Friday, April 3rd: I will go to Winter Garden in Helsinki, it is this huge hothouse full of exotic flowers. After that, I will go to my parents' home for a sleepover.

Saturday, April 4th: After returning home, I will go to the fitness center, work out for an hour at the gym (walk on the treadmill on "Manual" setting for half an hour, then use the exercise machines and then lift dumbbells) and swim for half an hour at the pool. After that, I will clean up my apartment; scrub the bathroom, hoover and mop the floor, replace bed sheet and towels and wash them, wash the dishes, dust the living room carpet and keep the kitchen window open for the whole time to get my apartment aired.

Sunday, April 5th: If I have housework left, I will do it today. I won't go see my parents.

Monday, April 6th: Nothing special yet.

Tuesday, April 7th: I will go to Helsinki with Suvicita.

Wednesday, April 8th: I will have a therapy session at half past eleven before noon.
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