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☮ I feel the need to write, so I guess I'll write about whatever subjects that come to my mind.

☮ This month I will receive both my weekly allowance and my monthly welfare on 22nd day which falls on Wednesday. I will use it to buy myself a pair of new vegan biker bitch boots, finally because my old boots have holes in them. I will buy the same pair from the same shop as the old ones, and this time I will buy right size!

☮ I don't think I will get any more piercings, I already have three in each of my earlobes and one ring on the right side of my nose, and that is enough for me.

☮ I want to make playlists on different subjects that are somehow close to me, but I'm quite lost for ideas. I could make one based on my favorite childhood hits, or teenage angst.
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