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I received my weekly allowance on Tuesday, when I usually receive it on Wednesday. I guess that the Easter holiday messed the payment dates, but I'm not complaining.

I bought a meager amount of food and hygiene products. I feel sad for not being able to buy more food than the usual sandwich utensils, veggies, fruits, and milk, but then again, food is expensive these days and considering my almost non- existent appetite, I don't want to buy oodles of food and let it rot in the fridge.

It was getting late, but the sun was still up when I walked home from the grocery store. I felt a strange sense of contentment and happiness, because I still had money left and now I had food. Later the evening when I went to bed, I felt a tad bit unhappy but that was just my blood sugar breaking havoc on my already fragile emotions.

This morning I slept late and actually bothered with the morning routines, now that I didn't have to run to the bank and then to the grocery shop and then to the therapy session.
Also, I received an e- mail from my mom telling me zie had left me money.

During the therapy session, I tried to talk about the subjects I had written into my diary to memorize them, but I didn't remember much of it.

After the session, I traveled to Raappavuori where I visited my parents' home to pick up the money; 20 euros as usual. No one was home and I was wondering if I should make a cup of coffee when I noticed that I had 15 minutes left to go back to Myyrmäki, the ASPA substitute would visit me today.

Just as the bus 53 pulled to the Myyrmäki station, I got a call from the substitute, asking me where I was. I told hir I will be there as soon as possible.

During the home visit, I arranged my stuff and washed the dishes and talked to the substitute about things that have been bothering me, over a cup of coffee. After zie left, I was off to Helsinki to meet Suvicita.

I took the M train to Helsinki; as usual, me and Suvicita had agreed to meet in Cybershop at the Central Railway Station. I had tried to convince Suvicita to meet in Kamppi shopping center because I was afraid that I would be assaulted, but zie said "Mi carnala, how can you be afraid of hanging out in the station with all the fuckboys and manic street preachers, and at the same time you want to travel to Mexico to see Sugar Lips? As you know, there are armed gangs and drug cartels!" And now that I think about it, zie was right. But it's just that Suvicita is more courageous, street- wise, confident and physically strong, not to mention that zie looks like the kind of chick that you don't want to piss off, and zie doesn't experience the "Geography of Fear" the way I do.

Anyway, we met in Cybershop and Suvicita gave me a Star Wars Easter egg. The chocolate shell didn't taste as bad as Easter egg chocolate usually tastes, and the surprise was a pencil topper in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet. Thank you, mi carnala! It fits perfectly in my collection of weird trinkets <3

We took the tram 10 to Eira, planning to go to Lucha Loca; a Mexican restaurant. Once there, we learned that the restaurant was closed. We laughed it off and set to Garageland, a 50's memorabilia shop where Suvicita bought me a pair of shoes (I will pay her back). They are black patent leather/pink fake fur with black leopard spots, they look a bit like creepers except they don't have thick soles.

The shop assistants at Garageland were very nice, and they advised me not to throw my old boots away, and that I should go to Bargs to have the holes at the bottom of the soles fixed.
I might do so, but then I will give them to charity and buy myself a pair of brand spankin' new ones.

We visited Roobertin Herkku and I bought a banana- cardamom chocolate confection, Suvicita bought tons of American candy like Pop Rocks, Sugar Daddy, Skittles and stuff, and told me that I better keep my hands off them! I usually don't candy except chocolate and sometimes salmiakki, but every time Suvicita has candy I try to snatch some...!

We visited a couple of shops, including Happy Socks; I told Suvicita that a pair of gorgeous shoes needs a pair of gorgeous socks, so I bought a pair of designer socks that are very durable and don't get tears easily. They are navy blue with orange, yellow and turquoise hearts on them. The aforementioned shop also had amazing shirts for sale.

After a while of shopping, we needed some sustenance so we headed to Cholo for burritos. I had the usual, a burrito with cheese and veggies and chipotle sauce.
As usual, half of the beans fell on the hem of my dress and some of them fell into the valley between my breasts, but we enjoyed our meals.

Aftet that, we headed home. We took the M train to Vantaankoski, I was supposed to get off at Myyrmäki but I wanted to hang out with Suvicita a bit longer.

Once in Vantaankoski, we took some photos, I took a pee in the bushes and Suvicita's father picked hir up. I took the bus 51 to Myyrmäki, and visited Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center to buy a jar of Nivea Creme.
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