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 photo tumblr_nmjq79TAjd1qb1fuso1_540_zpsdqhtkba7.jpg

We went to our favorite candy shop, Roobertin Herkku (Roobert's Treat). I went inside the shop and Suvicita took a photo of the sombreros, and the man who walked past stared at us disapprovingly, and made us laugh even more.

 photo tumblr_nmjq2n6tKH1qb1fuso1_540_zps0vkspusv.jpg

We went to Garageland where we took photos of ourselves

 photo 11149365_10206909159352478_6354776339748871476_n_zpsv9aaus1v.jpg

Kissy face

 photo 10404879_10206909170392754_2120089174346061062_n_zps5rj21x4a.jpg

Me eating a burrito

 photo 11059469_10206909171352778_973863787352436817_n_zps4eu4s3rv.jpg

Me with my old boot over my head

 photo tumblr_nmjq2n6tKH1qb1fuso2_540_zpstoioql85.jpg

The sunglass mafia

 photo 644423_10206909457679936_8659662405904413729_n_zpseqt2we9l.jpg

Suvicita being a bad ass babe and me in the background

 photo 11150376_10206909172632810_6033500701236073100_n_zpsjk2lagkx.jpg


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