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✪ I hate everything. Money and school and responsibilities and feelings and relationships. Why can't I be a mermaid?

✪ I remember how in junior high I had an awful lot of pimples and I was bullied because of it, but I secretly loved my pimples because they were fun to pop. Once in my German class I started rubbing and scratching my nose gently, because I had heard that touching your face with your fingers made the pimples worse, and once home, I had about eight new whiteheads on the sides of my nose, and spent a pleasant afternoon popping them.

✪ I was thinking of heading to the mall, return empty bottles and buy a few pots of chocolate pudding. But then again, I have already taken off my dress and put it into the laundry basket because I managed to smear a good deal of hand cream on the hem. So I put on my pajama pants and off I was.

✪ I wish I had more motivation to brush my teeth. It might not be the most fanciest and interesting thing ever, but neither is cavities, halitosis, bleeding gums, and so on. But fortunately I have managed to brush my teeth more often than not brushing them.

✪ I also wish I could keep up this habit; every morning I drink nothing but water and eat nothing before I have brushed my teeth, and in the evening after brushing my teeth, I won't eat anything except maybe have a cup of tea.

✪ I have been thinking of keeping diary of my daily deeds; how much I exercised, what did I buy, food intake, whether I had a wash or not.
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