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I still remember last year when I moved into this current apartment, I was so happy I felt like I had never been this happy. It wasn't only the apartment, it was also spring, school beginning and continuing my therapy.

Now I feel rotten again. It got better, but it also got worse.

I know it's something like a first- world problem; I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, lots of pretty clothes, awesome friends like you, a loving family, and I get enough money to pay my bills and rent and buy groceries. I am able to go to movies and buy ice cream and I live in a country where are no wars.

Everything is okay. But why do I still feel rotten?

I guess it's my PMS or low blood sugar, I have a very poor appetite and that's why I don't eat much. I rarely feel hungry and usually I just crave for chocolate or ice cream or stuff like that.
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