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The N key is a bit wonky, so mind the typos

I had a dream where I was a companion to the Doctor, we traveled to the 70's in the TARDIS and brought Joey Ramone to this year because zie had a terminal illness and we had to save hir. I know that zie had lymphoma and died in 2001.
For some reason or other, we ended up in an abandoned shed, me and Joey went to a house to steal food and other supplies, Joey was getting weak and I had to haul hir through the house in my arms before the owners came back. That part of the dream was like playing a video game, opening doors, dodging, hiding and stuff, while carrying an angel of a man in my arms.

My alarm clock rang at ten o'clock in the morning when I was already awake, and I must say, I have never ever heard anything more annoying like an alarm clock. It was like, I was lying perfectly still on my back with my arms and legs straight, when the clock rang, my face slowly contorted, and then I flung myself up from the bed and turned the alarm off and went to the bathroom to take my morning medicine.

I felt like I could actually brush my teeth this morning, but didn't.

I had received 84 euros. I went to the bank to withdraw it, bought an iced latte and a bagel with cold- smoked salmon, and took the M train to Helsinki and fortunately made it to the therapy session, it started at quarter past eleven o'clock in the morning which is too early in my standards.

During the therapy I talked about stuff and realized that my therapist is a dunderhead.

After the therapy session, I walked along Freda to Iso- Roba and visited Urbandesign to buy a pair of Happy socks, pink and blue striped with yellow toes and heel. I also bought a Rudeiscool shirt, white with the Ramones album "Rocket to Russia" cover design on the front.

I took the tram 10 to the city center, then the subway to Kaisaniemi. I went to the movie theater Kinopalatsi where I bought a ticket to Me Rosvolat; it is a children's movie based on a series of children's books by Siri Kolu, about a family named Rosvola (rosvo means thief in Finnish), grandfather Hurja- Kaarlo, father Kulta- Pete and mother Hilda, daughter Hele and son Kalle, who live quite an anarchist life; they live in an old van and steal food and supplies from others, but they also give away stuff they don't need to those who need them, such as toys to a kindergarten, and they never use money or even know what money is.
They accidentally kidnap a ten- year- old girl named Vilja who is from a normal family and feels bored with hir life, and soon feels like the thief family is hir real family.

I was the only one in the movie theater, like during that time when I went to see G- Force. I guess it's because many children or families with children don't go see movies early in the afternoon, when the children are at school and parents at work.

While they were showing the ads, there was a song playing, "This is the dawn of the Aquarius" and then "Let the sunshine in". The first one was intriguing and the last one made me feel a bit maudlin because I remember listening to the song when I watched infomercials in the mornings before going to school, junior high more specifically.

I loved the movie, it made me feel good about everything. I decided that I would read each and every single of the books.

After the movie I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki and went to Clas Ohlson to buy a new bicycle pump. Too bad there were half a dozen of bicycle pumps, I chose the cheapest and wished it would fit to the valve.

I also bought a meager amount of food; milk, cheese, veggies and fruits and also a pump- action bottle of hand soap.

Once back home, I put my new belongings into their rightful places and washed laundry.
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