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On Thursday I just slept all day, I didn't feel like getting up. Why should I? I had no appointments or meetings, why should I brush my teeth when they just get moldy again, why should I wash my hair when it just gets dirty again, why should I get up when I go back to bed in the evening, and most of all, why should I be happy when I just get sad again?

On Friday I slept all day too, I only got up to take my medicine.

Today I managed to wash my face and dab some Nivea Creme on it. I wore my favorite shirt and a pair of pajama pants and went to see my parents, I called my mom first and asked if I can come over, zie said it was okay.

Once back home, I was very seriously experiencing a Creepy Moment, but it got better when I ate some supper and drank tea. I love peppermint tea the most ♥

I still feel depressed, but I have managed to wash many loads of laundry and haul them to the drying room. I guess I'll finish the rest of the housework tomorrow, usually on these major housecleaning weekends I just spend Saturdays washing laundry.

Tomorrow I will go meet my parents for the whole day. Next week I am going to order myself a new pair of vegan biker bitch boots, so I can go for walks and see the miracles of nature now that spring has sprung. I should also pump air into my bicycle tires and go for bike rides.

Tomorrow I might go to the gym, I need to exercise in order to fight my depression and anxiety. And perhaps I can ride my bicycle to my parents' home.

My nails have grown strong, I guess the vitamin supplements are helping.
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