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Photos taken by my babe friend Suavecita

 photo 154595_10206909173912842_7517417347160471413_n_zpsjj06xen8.jpg

Suavecita agreed to buy me a new pair of shoes (and I will pay hir back). I needed new socks to go along with them ^_^

 photo 10891587_10206067717636961_5084689439437026057_n_zpswenr3de0.jpg

Me knitting

 photo 10922687_10206230967638109_3650175423514092111_n_zpsychysi1h.jpg

Me and Suavecita went to a thrift shop and I tried on some fancy hats :]

 photo B0zd4TFCAAA0zeg_zpsck6uaq9f.jpg

Suavecita gave me that Ramones hoodie :D

 photo 10987328_10206515268185445_5830836231359522156_n_zpshggltkcn.jpg

This photo was taken in Peetri Pitsa, our favorite restaurant in Tallinn. I am writing my diary and wearing a fake flower hair clip I bought from the same town.

 photo B9_HU3ICAAA3U-S_zpspyud5azg.jpg

We "cosplayed" Addams family :D

 photo B95nyDJCQAA6vUT_zpsesuah4es.jpg

Suavecita being pimp-alicious and me being a weirdo ^3^

 photo B9Rj3ojIUAAl59u_zpsb7no27mr.jpg

Suavecita took this photo in Horror Shop. As you can see, I still had the herpes virus that made me look like it was actually a flesh- eating virus :3

 photo BlGluBUIYAA1l-7_zpskticlnp7.jpg

I had almost forgotten this photo :D

 photo B95myjKCIAA6uwd_zpsnc2hfrdj.jpg

Me and my husbando, Justus the Clown :D Suavecita took this on the cruise ship when we returned from Tallinn :D

 photo B59pe0mCAAIVAn__zpspdpalurw.jpg

This was taken on my 26th birthday, that's Suavecita next to me :3c

 photo BoY36HsCAAAhSJH_zpsoglo7ej1.jpg

Holy shiet, I never thought I was such a babe! :D

 photo Bsr35njCIAAFsqx_zpsytylhgiu.jpg

Me wearing my peppermint candy cane dress in a car show ^3^
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