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If Sherlock was Finnish :>

The names in the parenthesis are the original artists or the ones that shared the pictures in the FaceBook group "Finnish Sherlockians Unite!" I am sharing these with their permission.

 photo 430116_392327814126509_807175320_n_zpsmccsgrme.jpg

If Sherlock was Finnish :] (J. Helviö)

 photo 401047_2730887557567_13700510_n_zpsf39ivdla.jpg

Jim Moriarty :D (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 420295_2703265747039_394354327_n_zps7qzkonj4.jpg

No shit Sherlock :< (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 322877_2703186465057_1142014143_o_zpsnm0ty4jq.jpg

Jimi was originally Molla's gay boyfriend U3U (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 1010187_670882619604360_1830104390_n_zpszbndfkgq.jpg

XD (A. Häkli)

 photo 538444_193803164081846_638780483_n_zpskcz97wls.jpg

And here's a Victorian Sherlock with makeup ^3^ (R. Heikkilä)
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