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Plans for Monday, April 20th - Sunday, April 26th

Monday, April 20th: I will finish the rest of the housework, and probably go to Girls' House.

Tuesday, April 21st: I will go to the gym and then go to the hobby group for mentally ill young adults in Pähkinärinne.

Wednesday, April 22nd: I will receive both my weekly allowance and my monthly welfare, I will pay 20 euros to Suavecita and then I will order a pair of new vegan biker bitch boots from Heluna. I have to ask my momsie for grocery money :<

Thursday, April 23rd: Nothing special yet. I will probably visit Girls' House.

Friday, April 24th: Nothing special yet.

Saturday, April 25th: I will do housework and go to the gym.

Sunday, April 26th: I will finish the rest of the housework and go visit my parents.
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