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Bite me, fanboy!

As I have mentioned before, the past few weeks were really unhappy for me because I had a bout of depression and I felt like going to ECT to make myself feel better. Last weekend I just slept for most of the time, out of boredom.

Now I am happy again. I don't know, I just feel better. The delusions have stopped bothering me.

It's really warm outside, today I went out in my Ramones sweater and Hello Kitty pajama pants with some adorable jewelry, and I felt good and I was all smiley ♥

I found out that the Finnish translation of the comic album Lobo: The Last Czarnian is available in the metropolitan library service, so I ordered it. I am waiting for it to arrive and I will cherish every moment of reading it. I might also order some Lobo comics from Etsy.com, and buy myself a leather vest from a thrift store to make myself a cosplay outfit.

I should buy myself a nail file, the kind that's made out of glass, it's more gentle on your nails.

I wish my hair grew faster, I want it to grow over my shoulders so I can put it on plaits. Right now I have a pixie cut. I love my old hair color, and I know it's going to get natural highlights when the sun shines more during daytime.

Tomorrow I am going to order myself a new pair of vegan combat boots from Heluna. I learned that they don't have the biker boots in my size anymore, but there are lots of other kind of awesome boots that cost less than the biker boots. And my mom also agreed to give me some extra grocery money.
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