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I wish the DC comic character Lobo was real so I could hump him *^_^*

 photo brad-peyton-lobo-comic-book-movie_zpshh7hc8zu.jpg

 photo 3363453-6112172696-lobo-_zpsl1hefsua.jpg

 photo lobo-dc-horley_zpsmyp02zdg.jpg

 photo images_zpsqp8p2nmi.jpg

 photo lobo_by_cut_box-d7l51il_zpssixo7nkr.png

Images copyright @ their original artists. The last one was from DeviantArt artist cut-box.

EDIT: I forgot to ask for the permission to use the deviation, I sent a PM to the artist asking if I can use it and if it bothers them, I will remove it :)
Tags: arts, comics, deviantart, deviation of the day, fanart, fangirl, pictures
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