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I have been sleeping quite late the past few mornings, and I don’t know why. I guess it’s just my fucked up sleeping pattern, or the fact that I have had many interesting, lucid dreams, more or less concerning Lobo's third leg.

Today I managed to do the morning routines, something I haven’t managed to do for a while. It's so weird how easy it is to brush your teeth or eat a decent breakfast, and how easy it is to skip them, and how guilty I feel for skipping them.

I had received a refund on PayPal (I had made two different orders into a vintage comic shop on Etsy.com when I ordered DC Lobo comics, and I was sent the goods in one package and the postal costs or whatevs they’re called were refunded) but my deposit account had gone below minus because of the usage costs or whatevs they’re called.

I decided to call my mom and ask hir if zie can give me some money, zie had just returned from a trip to Madrid with my dad. I called hir, zie said yes.

I took the bus 52 to Martinlaakso and walked to Raappavuori. It was chilly and rainy outside just when I had decided to wear my kitty hoodie and no gloves.

Once in my parents’ place, mom was napping on my bed and dad had gone to work. Mom gave me 20 euros and a Joan Miro notebook and a fridge magnet with a detail from a Victorian painting depicting a cute little girl in a frilly dress. Mom said zie had chosen it because the little girl looked like me when I was a kid, aww.

I drank some coffee and orange juice, ’rents still haven’t bought sugar.

I was supposed to take the bus 453 to Helsinki to go to Girls’ House, but the bus never came. Instead, I took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki and then the bus 39 to Kamppi.

Once in Kamppi, I visited the local shopping center and went to Tiger, I was looking for a cute key ring I had seen once, but they didn’t have them anymore. I bought a bag of au naturel Estrella crisps and took the subway to Hakaniemi.

Once in Girls’ House, there were some girls painting the new wall mural. I greeted Mia happily and hugged hir.

I spent a nice evening drinking cocoa and writing into my diary. Later the day when I left, I walked to Kaisaniemi and visited Fiorella, one of my favorite shops. I have been thinking of buying a new backpack from there.

I took the bus 453 to Martinlaakso, then the bus 53 to Myyrmäki, visited Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought four hair slides; a sleepy fluffy cloud with a rainbow, a cute white bunny with a flower, a panda bear and a glittery golden star.

Once home, I realized that my apartment smells like rotten eggs and I have to wash at least four loads of laundry and take out the garbage and mop the floor after hoovering it… I better get crankin’. I might post some photos tomorrow.
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