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☮ This week I'm going to have to pay my membership fee to Friends of Kiasma, and the partial payment for my laptop and USB dongle, and 20 euros to Suavecita as a partial payment for my new shoes, and three euros for purchasing art from a Finnish Sherlockian. Momsie already promised to give me some grocery money.

☮ I have been thinking of starting to knit baby blankets and caps and send them to children's hospitals, or some charity projects. I would also love to learn to knit socks, it's hard but once I have learned it, it will be easy. I could knit multicolored ones or mismatched ones.

☮ I love ordering stuff from Etsy.com or other awesome web shops, every time I receive a package it's like Xmas or birthday all over again, even if I know what's inside :3

☮ Speaking of birthdays, next month I am once again taking up the habit of sending birthday cards to everyone whose address I have. I might buy all of the May birthday cards this week.
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