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My plans for Tuesday, April 28th - Sunday, April 3rd

Tuesday, April 28th:
I will have an appointment at the psychiatric clinic with my nurse Saija. I am planning to go to the gym and swimming pool after that, and then to Girls' House. I need to take my phone bill to the social office and mail an extremely late birthday card to Sugar Lips.

Wednesday, April 29th:
I will receive money, but most of it will be spent on bills that social office won't pay. I will use the rest of the money on groceries, and perhaps ask my mom for more money, I know zie will help me. I might also go to movies to see Big Game if I can afford it.

Thursday, April 30th:
It will be mine and my grandmother's name day! I will go to Girls' House to a Mayday celebration.

Friday, May 1st:
Me and Suavecita will go to the Mayday march in Helsinki, and perhaps do something else, we haven't really planned anything yet.

Saturday, May 2nd:
I will do the usual housework, and go to the gym and swimming pool.

Sunday, May 3rd:
I will go see my parents and do the rest of the housework.
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