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I'm worried about my finances again, which is nothing new since I have to make a living on meager benefits, but this month I need to buy many things.

First and foremost, I need a new pair of vegan biker bitch boots, I cannot put it off anymore. My old boots are practically falling apart, the rubber soles are torn and every time I walk through snow or rain, my socks get wet and it feels lousy.

I need a new clotheshorse; I can dry my laundry in the common drying room downstairs, and I can put my underwear to dry on the radiator. But I am constantly afraid that someone will steal my laundry.

I need a new pair of heavy- duty fingerless gloves to wear during the chilly weather, and especially when I go for bike rides.

I need a new CD player, I know that a toy shop named BR Lelut in Kamppi shopping mall have Hello Kitty CD players for sale.

I am running out of biotin and multivitamin, they don't come in cheap.

And I also need brassieres, it's hard to find one that is A) affordable, B) pretty and C) my size.
I also need new ankle socks, fortunately I know a design shop named Happy Socks in Punavuori, they have a cute design and not to mention they're heavy- duty so they don't tear too easily. But they don't come in cheap.

And there'll be a new selection in the UFF thrift shops next week, and the weekend after that there'll be World Village festival, and I need money for that.

My mom agreed to give me 100 euros tomorrow, I will recharge my travel card, buy the necessary groceries and the fingerless gloves. Next week I need to pay a partial payment debt for a friend, and add the rest of the money to the shoe fund; I will receive my guarantee welfare on Friday.
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