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My life is a parade of unhappy anniversaries.

Usually if I have something special to do during daytime, appointments and such, I might have dreams about it the night before; such as today when I had an appointment with my nurse and I had to visit my parents to pick up my monthly allowance.
The dreams are usually anguishing, such as last night when I dreamed about riding my bicycle to Raappavuori, getting lost, my clothes tearing, my bicycle breaking, and being late from the appointment.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine and while having a wash, I noticed I had forgotten to take my Cipralex pill. I swallowed it and continued having a wash. I also used the face toner.

I did some simple stretches, but that my armpits and inner thighs still hurt from yesterday's gym visit so much that I couldn't manage to exercise. I dressed up, had a healthy breakfast and took my vitamin supplements, then I turned on my laptop to surf on the Internet.

Once in the psychiatric policlinic, I felt like I was fragile and sensitive, willful and defiant at the same time.

During the appointment, I just stared at the fluorescent ceiling lamps, and answered my nurse's questions with "Yeeeees..." or "Noooooo...", or just with sighs and grunts.

After the appointment, I took the bus 53 to Raappavuori and went to my parents' home to collect the money. Mom had given me 80 euros, when I had actually asked for 100 euros.
I made a cup of coffee, then I walked to the old mini- mall and recharged my travel card. I was told that my pensioner discount will end this month, and that's why I could only recharge it until May 31st. At least it cost less. I need to call the social insurance institution and ask them to send me a piece of paper as a proof that I qualify for welfare, so I can still get discount.

I took the bus 453 to Helsinki, on the way there my nurse Saija called me again and told me that zie had talked with the doctor, and zie had said that I can start taking 75 milligrams of Ketipinor each evening. Saija also told me that my mom had called hir and bitched about my poor education.

Once in Helsinki, I took the subway to Kamppi and visited the shopping center. I went to Morticia, a gothic & punk & alternative & cyber & lolita & metalhead clothing store, and bought myself a pair of heavy- duty fingerless leather gloves to wear during the chilly spring weather, and while riding my bicycle.

I took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki, and went to Citymarket to buy groceries. I wish I had enough money left to buy birthday cards.

Gee, I didn't notice it's almost six o'clock in the evening. Time's a- wasting.
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