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Food intake:
A handful of cherry tomatoes, a bar of salted cashew nut chocolate, two iced lattes, a Karelian pie, three cups of coffee with milk and artificial sweetener.
I have been thinking of trying to live on a sugar- free diet, or at least not consuming sugar so much. Sugar is like a drug, it gives you a happy rush and when you crash, you feel even worse.

I brushed my teeth in the morning, washed my hair, anointed my face and body with Aqualan L basic lotion.
In the evening I brushed my teeth, took a shower and washed my body, and used the same lotion on my face and body.
I have been thinking of starting to use only hypoallergenic body care products, because my skin is extremely sensitive.

I bought a box of three Sunlight soap bars, and a bar of Fazer milk chocolate with salted cashews. I bought two iced lattes.

I did the face muscle exercises at noon and in the evening, and I am actually feeling the effect.
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