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Yay, not pregnant

I got my period this morning, I woke up to the feeling of something wet between my thighs. I got up, grabbed a pair of panties and a sanitary pad, washed my thighs, put on the panties and fixed the pad inside, and went back to sleep.

I had pretty nice dreams, but soon they turned into an erotic nightmare that was too bizarre for me, so I got up.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, took a shower, dressed up and ate breakfast.
Later I went to the shopping center and returned some empty bottles and cans and made 70 cents.

Later the day I started feeling the menstrual cramps, and I had a slight diarrhea, which is a certain sign of my menstruation.
I went to the fitness center and visited the gym, I walked 20 minutes on the treadmill on Manual setting and then 4 minutes on Cool Down setting, and wondered why I never manage to walk for half an hour when I'm outside.
I used the exercise machines, I usually lift 20 - 30 kilograms and do each movement 30 times; usually I manage it, but this time I felt a bit, I don't know, weaker, I only managed less than 20 movements and then I started feeling achy, even if I paused to catch my breath.

I called my mother and asked them if they can give me a fiver, I needed to buy a new lip balm. I have atopic skin and it gets dry easily, and it feels unpleasant. Mom said it was okay.

I was thinking of taking a bus to Raappavuori right after the gym visit, but decided to take my sweaty clothes home and rest for a while.

I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori; mom was baking and dad was reading a book. Mom had left a fiver on the bookshelf, I took it and brewed a cup of coffee, then I took the bus 53 back to Myyrmäki and bought two lip balms and a liter of milk.

Once home, I washed more laundry, hoovered the floor and scrubbed the toilet bowl.

In the evening I watched Doctor Who on Netflix, I made it to the episode "Fear Her" and then I went to sleep.
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