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My plans for Monday, June 8th - Sunday, June 14th

Monday, June 8th:
Happy birthday, quadruplify!
My ASPA worker will visit me at eleven o'clock in the morning (11:00 am).
I will have an appointment with my therapist at three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm). After that, I am going to visit Heluna Shop in Sörnäinen and ask them if they have biker boots in my size.

Tuesday, June 9th:
If I awake early, I will go to the parish at the local church and ask them to give me a coupon I can use to renew my fitness center membership. If so, I will go to the gym and work out as usual.

Wednesday, June 10th:
I will receive money. The first thing to do is to go to the bank as soon as it's open, withdraw the money and buy the necessary food and hygiene products. If I didn't renew my fitness center membership on Tuesday, I will renew it today with my own money. If I can afford it.
I will go to the Urbanears design shop in Iso- Roba and buy a new pair of ankle socks.
If I have enough time and money left, I will go to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road.

Thursday, June 11th:
Nothing special.

Friday, June 12th:
If I have renewed my fitness center membership, I will go to the gym.

Saturday, June 13th:
I will do the usual housework.

Saturday, June 14th:
I will go visit my parents.
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