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🐞 I really have to consider my relationship with food; I am very rarely hungry or even a bit peckish, and I have a really poor appetite.
I have been thinking of "force- feeding" myself; that is, I eat a breakfast every morning and then eat a few healthy snacks during daytime, like fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, glasses of milk and lots of water.

🍩 My mother will be 65 years old on June 15th, and she is still tickin'! She manages to work and keep the house clean and the fridge stocked, and my dad is seven years younger and just lies in bed filling sudokus.

🍒 I'm ashamed that I have such an amazing bicycle, and I rarely use it. I guess it's because I eat so little that I don't have much energy to go for bike rides; it's the same, like if you don't fuel your car, the car won't work. I am already working on that problem.

🍍 Tomorrow when I go to Helsinki for the therapy appointment, I have to visit Matkahuolto service point and ask them why does their website say that there aren't any buses traveling to Kangasala this month. I guess it's because there are so little customers during summer, so they might have canceled it. If that is the reason, I will travel to Tampere on a bus and then to Kangasala in a local bus, it doesn't cost that much.

🐌 My grandmother, the one who lives in Kangasala, has fallen ill and has had to visit a hospital for a week. I'm very worried about her, I hope she will be okay, at least when I go visit her around Midsummer.

🐢 Another thing I need to do in Helsinki, is to go to Torkkelinmäki and visit Heluna Shop, and ask them if they still have "Engineer Airseal boots", or as I like to call them, "vegan biker bitch boots", in European size 40/British size 7. If they do, I am going to buy a pair this month, or if I won't be able to afford them, I will buy them next month when I receive more money.

🐥 Next week there's going to be a renovation in this house, the common rooms like drying room and bicycle stall are going to be repainted. I can keep my bicycle in my balcony, but I guess I need to take my laundry to my parents' house to have it dried, there's no other place where I can put it.

🌁 I have decided not to visit my parents all too often; this week I have visited them almost every day, even if my mother has said it's okay for her and dad, I am still worried.
Which reminds me, mom said today that I am independent and she is happy for that, but I am still worried. I have decided that from now on I will only visit them on Sundays, and also when I go asking for money.

🍬 To be honest, the only reason why I visit them is, not only the money, but because they have coffee. I used to hate coffee for most of my life, but when I became addicted to Frezza Mocca, a Finnish brand of iced espresso that is sold in refundable plastic bottles in most grocery shops, I learned that I can make my own coffee; half a cup of coffee, half a cup of milk, and lots of sugar. I was hooked instantly, and now I kind of regret it but I also think that because I were able to overcome my chocolate addiction, I am also able to overcome my coffee addiction.
I could also buy coffee grounds for my own home, but then I drink it too much and the caffeine messes with my medication.

🌼 I have decided to do a complete makeover on my life habits, one of them is that every time I sit by my working desk, I won't sit in the same position where I am sitting on my left leg bent under my butt. I have also decided not to poke the wall with my toes because the wall is getting dirty, it has these black toe prints all over it.
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