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Urban jewels

I stayed awake till midnight, watching Doctor Who on Netflix. I watched the episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. At this moment, I am in the episode Fear Her.

In the morning I had such weird ass dreams that I was forced to get up, even if it was still early and didn’t exactly feel like getting up.
I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, took a shower and washed my hair, dressed up and didn't feel like having a breakfast.

I was thinking of going to see my parents, I called my mom and asked them if it's okay that I come a bit earlier, they said it was okay. I decided to travel to Raappavuori on a bus because I knew better that if I rode my bicycle, I would burn off all my energy, my blood sugar would go low, and I didn't "refuel" that morning when I didn't have a breakfast.

I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori, while waiting for the bus on the stop I watched when clouds drifted past the sun and the shadows appeared and disappeared, it was enthralling.

Mom and dad were both home. Later the day my brother Sami came to visit us, mom was happy that the whole family is united again. I didn't know why Sami visited us because they visit very little, later I learned it was because they needed to wash laundry.

I helped my mom cook lunch, we ate lunch together and had coffee and home- baked buns for dessert.
I spent many hours inside my parents’ apartment, and wondered why every time I am at my own home, I feel like going out or I’ll go crazy with cabin fever, but when I go see my parents, I can stay inside for many hours and feel all cozy.

Later the day, about at three o’clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm) I started feeling the cabin fever so I walked to the Martinlaakso bus station and took the bus 45 to Myyrmäki.
An English- speaking Christian preacher tried to talk to me, and I said that I wasn’t interested, and they backed off and said it was okay. I was amazed, it’s the first time I have ever seen a preacher back off.

Once home, I hoovered and mopped the floor, even from under the furniture. I washed a load of laundry and went downstairs to hang it into the drying room (a drying room is just a room with clotheslines where the tenants of an apartment house hang their laundry, and then a machine with turbines is turned on and the turbines create warm airwaves that dry the laundry), except for my underwear and other small laundry, which I hang on the radiator.
I also washed the dishes, scrubbed the working desk and kitchen counter, ironed clothes, and kept my kitchen window and balcony door open while cleaning.

I was thinking of going for a bike ride, but then I noticed that it’s getting quite late. I went anyway, and I noticed that it was windy, I was almost blown off my track. I merely circled around the neighborhood and admired the street art, and then went back home. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.
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