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This morning I had to be awake early, because I had to visit the parish. As I have mentioned earlier, the parish is open every Tuesday and Friday at nine to eleven o'clock in the morning (9 - 11 am) which is a bit unfair in my standards.

My alarm clock rang at quarter to nine o'clock in the morning (8:45 am), I turned it off, went back to bed, and got up later, and I was amazed when I realized only half an hour had passed even if I felt like I had slept for about two hours.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, dressed up, ate a healthy breakfast, took my vitamin supplements, and then I was off.

I took the M train to Louhela, fortunately the church is right next to the train station. I could have walked or rode my bicycle, after all I had eaten a nutritious breakfast so my blood sugar wouldn't go low, but I was just feeling unmotivated.

I ran into the parish worker JP on the way, they said that they were going to buy lunch and then they were going to write the coupon for me. I had talked with them on the phone last Friday.

Once in the parish, I was greeted by many people, they were really nice.
I had agreed that I would never ask for help from the parish, social office or ask for money from my mother, but then again, sometimes I just need help and I have to sacrifice my own dignity because of it. I have learned to be a rat, an animal that does whatever it needs to survive. I am a rat.

JP asked me how I am doing and what kind of music have I been listening. I told them that I have had to raise the dosage of my medication because my mental well- being has pretty much plummeted this spring, and that I have been listening to The Ramones.
Anyway, I got the coupon for 33 euros, that's what it takes to get 10 gym visits and swimming pool visits for a pensioner. It was supposed to be used at the municipal service point.

I took the M train back to Myyrmäki. Once in the municipal service point, I was told that I can't use the coupon there, I have to go to the fitness center. Boo yah.

I went back home, washed a load of laundry and hoovered the floor and opened the kitchen window and balcony door to let fresh air in.

I went out for errands; I returned a pile of books to the library, send two birthday cards, took my broadband bill to the social office and then I went to the fitness center to renew my membership; now I have got ten visits to the gym and swimming pool. I would have gone there today but my gym clothes have just come out of the washing machine and have not dried yet.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure to kill time; I took the bus 53 to Tikkurila, then the bus 62 to Mellunmäki and then the subway to Kamppi.

I walked to the city center and took the bus 363 to Pähkinärinne, where it was time to go to the Myöhätuuli hobby group. I was glad that today is the last group, because I hated the Turkish guy who acted like a ladies' man; today he held a door open for me, and told everyone in the group to call him "Daddy".

I left early, took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki, hung around in the shopping mall and visited my favorite shops and then went back home.

As for the rest of the evening, I need to dust the living room carpet, rearrange my CD collection, iron some of my clothes and look through my closet for clothes I can give away to charity.

I had to squat a lot, and I heard many queefs. But then again, I found five plastic bags' worth of clothes, including the ones that Suavecita left me.¨

Then I looked through my artifact collection, including the ones I keep in the closet till my parents have purchased me a new shelf and other pieces of furniture where I can keep them. I found lots of stuff to give away, and now I feel lighter.

I took out the garbage, dealt my medicine into my Dosett and wiped the kitchen counter and rearranged my stuff.
Then I took three bags to a container, some of the thrift shops have these containers where people can bring their old clothes and other useless stuff which then goes to sale.

Later the evening I went to the Myyrmanni shopping center, most of the shops were closed except for Citymarket and Clas Ohlson. I went to Citymarket to look for stuff I could buy tomorrow, compared prices and package and nutrients, and also visited Clas Ohlson; it's the kind of shop where I would gladly buy tons of stuff if I had the money.

Once home, it was half past eight o'clock in the evening (8:30 pm) so I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth.

Tomorrow I will receive money, the first thing to do is to go to the bank and withdraw the money.
The second thing to do is to buy lots of healthy food, enough to serve me until next payday, and then buy the necessary hygiene products.
There's a discount in Cubus, one of my favorite clothing shops, I am going to buy a pair of pink bunny- patterned pajama pants. Yes, you read that right. Then I will go to Helsinki and visit Urbanears to buy a pair of ankle socks. If I have enough money left, I will go to Kinopalatsi to see Mad Max: Fury Road 2D, it will be shown at ten to four o'clock in the afternoon (3:50 pm), I am thinking of purchasing a ticket for a luxury seat and also buy popcorn. Yeah. It will be fun.
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