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☮ As I have written earlier, I have been thinking of starting a sugar- free diet, but then again, it's hard to avoid sugar so I am thinking of switching into a low- sugar diet. It works easier that way.

☮ I usually visit my parents very often for the sole reason because they have coffee, but now that I have coffee in my own home, I don't have to visit them all that often which is a blessing for both them and me. My parents have to work five days a week and they might be a bit tired and grumpy because of that, and I don't want to bother them. Not to mention my mother doesn't always tolerate my weird clothes.

☮ I have decided not to save money anymore, I simply can't afford it. I need every single penny I get. I have decided that from tomorrow on, when I go grocery shopping, I will use my pocket calculator and subtract the price of every purchase from the amount of my allowance. I will favor healthy but affordable food, read the ingredients on each can or box, and also think of how to recycle the packages. The same goes for hygiene products.

☮ By now I have found lots of stuff to give away, about six and half bags full. It will be a chore taking them all to the charity shop, but I'll manage.
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