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💙 I know it's getting late, and I should go to sleep because I am worried about how staying awake and tapping away on my laptop affects my health, but I am having too much fun. And having fun is healthy, like Moomins believe.

💙 I have kind of lost my interest towards urbane adventures and all around going to Helsinki ever so often. I don't know the reason but I don't think it's my mild agoraphobia.

💙 I really should purchase myself a backpack that doesn't break too easily; right now the inside of the lining in my panda backpack has torn. I know that an army surplus store, Varusteleka, which is a bike ride away from my home, sells nifty backpacks and they come in a pretty pink color.

💙 I wonder why I am wide awake, I took my evening medicine and also a few tranquilizers.
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