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My plans for Monday, June 15th - Sunday, June 28th

Monday, June 15th:
My ASPA worker will visit me at half past ten o’clock in the morning (10:30 am).
I will have a therapy appointment at quarter past noon (12:15 pm).
After that, I will go visit my mom, it will be her 65th birthday and she will retire from work. It’s also her payday, she will give me the monthly 80 euros which I will use to recharge my travel card.
After recharging my travel card, I will travel Helsinki. I will go see the movie Mad Max: Fury Road in Kinopalatsi movie theater at half past two o’clock in the afternoon (2:30 pm).
I will go to the gym in the evening.

Tuesday, June 16th:
I will pack for the journey to Kangasala; I will take a clean nightie, my Dosett, toothbrush, my laptop and the USB dongle, my diary, and enough clothes for a week, along with my gym clothes, and the book I usually read when visiting my grandmother, Syysprinssi (“Autumn prince”) by Anja Kauranen.

Wednesday, June 17th:
If my grandmother is healthy enough by now, I will go visit her for a week.
I will have to take the bus 39 to Kamppi, since I have my luggage along; normally I would walk to the Malminkartano train station and take the M train. I will buy a cold- smoked salmon bagel and a jar of Snapple pink lemonade for the journey.
I will take the Greyhound bus to Tampere, it leaves at five to four o’clock in the afternoon (3:55 pm) from Kamppi.
Once in Tampere, I will take the local bus to Kangasala, grandmother should be waiting for me.

Thursday, June 18th:
I will go to the local gym in Kangasala. I might also visit Tampere, go to cafes, art museums and thrift shops.

Friday, June 19th:
It will be Midsummer’s Eve, I don’t have any special plans yet.

Saturday, June 20th:
I will most likely stay at my grandmother’s, because it’s another boozing holiday.

Sunday, June 21st:
I will go to the gym.

Monday, June 22nd:
I will receive my monthly welfare. It will also be my second name day, since my second name is Pauliina.

Tuesday, June 23rd:
I will travel back home.

Wednesday, June 24th:
I will receive the weekly allowance. As soon as the bank is opened, I will go withdraw the money and then travel to Helsinki; I will go to Heluna shop and buy the vegan boots I have had my eye on for a while.
If I have money left, I will buy the necessary groceries.

Thursday, June 25th:
Nothing special yet.

Friday, June 26th:
As my last dentist appointment was canceled, I will have another today at Myyrmäki health center at twenty past noon (12:20 pm).

Saturday, June 27th:
I will do housework, and go to the gym.

Sunday, June 28th:
I will go visit my parents.
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