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Last night when I went to bed, I took my cellphone and laptop along. I called the ASPA helpline and had a hearty talk. I also updated my journal until I found nothing to write about.

I turned off my laptop and wrote into my diary; "I should go to sleep", and fell asleep almost immediately after putting away my diary.

I woke up early in the morning because I needed to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I don't think I have ever peed that much!
I looked at the clock, it was half past two o'clock in the morning (2:30 am). I went back to sleep.

I had intriguing dreams, I don't know how to describe them but they were amazing.

I got up at three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm), and felt good enough.

I put on my black & white Ramones hoodie and a pair of pink Hello Kitty fleece pants.
I anointed my face with lotion, and noticed that the corners of my mouth are chapping again.

I went to see my parents like every Sunday, so I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori.
Mom was going to Alepa to buy groceries, dad was cleaning windows and my brother was eating grapes.

I drank coffee, ate whatever food I could find, and later the day I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I felt anxious and stressed and the delusions bothered me, and I felt miserable because I didn't feel like doing housework.

I took two tranquilizers, it helped me calm down but also made me feel uneasy and fearful.
I took my evening medicine, ate a little supper and noticed that I am running out of food; which didn't bother me because I will receive money tomorrow, and I don't need to buy much food considering that I am going to be away from home for a week when I go see my grandmother. I will buy a liter of milk and a few pieces of fruit, and that'll do.

I feel alright now, eating a healthy snack and taking my medicine made me feel better. I also managed to brush my teeth, stretch and exercise, and I have to take a shower and anoint my skin with lotion, then I will go to bed.
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