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Last night I slept pretty well, despite that I felt sick and had a terrible headache. I guess it was because of the low blood sugar I had had during daytime.

I had a dream where it was Halloween and I was unhappy because I didn't have enough time and money to prepare for it.
In another dream I was in Kuortti, and in another I was in Kellokoski. In the Kuortti dream I was desperately trying to find my way back home, the Kellokoski dream was happier.
In yet another dream I was being treated in Briarcliff Mansion, the mental hospital in American Horror Story: Asylum and I talked to Sister Jude about religious things and zie seemed to be understanding and empathetic towards me. In the dream I cried my eyes out, and when I woke up, my eyes felt damp as if I had teared up while sleeping; I have had the same sensation before, when I cry in my dreams and wake up with my eyes wet and my face scrunched up.

I got up even if I didn't feel like getting up, but I had things to do before going to visit my grandmother. It was quite early, quarter past ten o'clock in the morning (10:15 am) but I didn't feel like having dreams anymore.
I brushed my teeth and took a shower and dressed into neat clothes, and put on some jewelry.

I had received 80 euros, so I paid for my Netflix account and then I went to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money.
I went to Citymarket to buy a new pair of sunglasses because I had lost the last pair, and I also bought some eatables.

Once home, I had a little snack, washed a load of laundry and washed the dishes and took out the garbage. I wanted my apartment to be spick and span so it will be nice to return after Midsummer.

I received a notification in mail, it said that I had received a package. What could it be? The notification said that it can be retrieved after four o'clock in the afternoon (4:00 pm), but by that time I would already be off to Kangasala, so I will pick it up after I return.

I spent the rest of the afternoon surfing on the Internet and writing into my diary, until it was time to go.

I took the bus 39 to Kamppi, the Greyhound bus to Kangasala left at the usual time, that is twenty to four o'clock in the afternoon (3:40 pm). Once in the bus, I bought a ticket and also a return ticket to Kangasala.

There were lots of travelers, they were probably going to the countryside to celebrate Midsummer.

The trip went smoothly, I wrote into my diary and watched the landscapes slide past. I felt a bit hungry and thirsty, but I hadn't had enough time to buy eatables for the journey.

Once in Kangasala, grandmother couldn't come see me as zie usually does. I hauled my suitcase to hir home, where zie had been expecting me.

We had soup and Karelian pies and plum tomatoes for dinner, then I arranged my stuff and plugged in my laptop and connected to the Internet.

Everything has been fine so far, I am updating again tomorrow.
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