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This is the third day of my at my grandmother’s home, and I am already getting homesick.
I don’t exactly hate my grandmother, after all, zie is my father’s mother, whether I want it or not, you just cannot choose your blood relatives.
I just hate it how zie always spews information about healthy life (how I should give up my vegetarianism, use a different brand of toothpaste, drink less coffee) and tries to convert me into a Christian. Of course, I don’t take it as an offense or an insult, zie is just passionate about the stuff that is important to hir. And besides, it’s a sign that zie loves me; that’s just the way grandmothers and all kinds of mothers are.
I still get along with my grandmother pretty well, and besides I would rather spend my Midsummer here in the quiet suburbs with a family member, rather than in the metropolitan area where people drink themselves silly and wreak havoc and assault and harass others.

When I got up and drew the curtains, I was greeted by the most magnificent sunshine and amazing morning songs by birds, it was a good start to the day.
I took my morning medicine and dressed up, and had breakfast and coffee with grandmother. I didn’t bother with having a wash, I just washed the crusty stuff off my eyes. I don’t usually feel like doing all the hygiene routines in proper order when I am having a sleepover at a friend’s or a relative’s home. I should improve on that.

I went for a walk in the forest around the lake. The sky had clouded up, the air was hot and humid, and I got bugs and cobwebs stuck in my hair. Once back inside, I had to comb it very scrupulously. Nevertheless, it was a nice walk, despite the fact that I was scared out of my mind that someone would harass me.

I had lunch and coffee with my grandmother, hir salmon soup is amazing and warms my body and mind.

I ironed every single one of my Dirndl dresses, and I’m thinking of taking two of them, the blue and the brown one, to a dressmaker to have them mended, their hems are coming apart. I’d rather have my clothes mended by a professional than mend them myself. I should also take up the habit of hanging them on a coat hanger and putting them into my closet instead of folding them and putting them in my cupboard, that way they get wrinkly.

I went to the common sauna with my grandmother, I also washed my hair and my body. Now I feel all fresh and clean, it feels good. After the sauna, I made coffee.

I lazed around in my nightie, surfed on the Internet on my laptop, called my mom; zie and my dad had been on a cruise to Stockholm.

My grandmother asked me if I can pop to Siwa (a Finnish grocery shop chain that is usually open on holidays) and buy batteries for hir remote controller and also a liter of milk. I quickly dressed up, zie gave me a small purse with enough change, I also took my purse along so I can buy a tube of “regular” toothpaste for myself, my grandmother uses only pharmacy- bought toothpaste.

It had rained during the day, sometimes the sun had peeked out, but it was mostly cloudy and humid outside.
I went to Siwa, bought the batteries, a liter of milk, and a tube of toothpaste.

Once back, I handed the batteries to my grandmother and asked hir if they were the ones zie had wanted, zie said they were the right ones. I put the milk into the fridge and had a mug of hot chocolate.

I brushed my teeth using the toothpaste I had bought, washed my face and anointed it with face cream.

It’s getting late, I should probably hit the update button and go to sleep.
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