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I had dreams last night, and this time I remember them. I was riding my bicycle through a dark forest, the path was a huge uphill spiral, and I was desperately trying to find my way home. Instead, I found my way to my old elementary school, it brought back so many bad memories that I decided to turn and go back to the dark forest; I figured it was a better place to be than the school.
I also had a BDSM themed erotic nightmare about BBC Sherlock and John, where Sherlock chained John and whipped hir butt, but also remembered aftercare, wrapping hir into a blanket and feeding hir chocolate.

I got up, took my morning medicine and had a wash as usual. I dressed up, and then grandmother came home from hir morning walk and made us breakfast.

I had probiotic berry yoghurt with raspberries and blueberries for breakfast, along with the first cup of coffee. I think raspberry is my favorite berry.

Later the morning I went for a walk, then I went to Siwa to buy toilet paper for my grandmother.

We had lunch and coffee at midday. We both took a nap, zie in hir sofa- bed in the living room and me in hir bedroom, where I usually sleep when I visit hir. I took a long nap and slept sweetly, and when grandmother stirred in hir sofa- bed, zie said zie felt like having a cup of coffee, so I brewed some for me and hir.

My grandmother complained about how much I drink coffee and how I spend most of the time on the Internet, but I didn’t care.

Later we had dinner together. Every time I visit grandmother, I am not allowed to have snacks and I am only allowed to drink coffee when zie gives me the permission. I know zie is only concerned about my health and nutrition because zie loves me. But I can already take care of my own health.

Grandmother gave me a coffee mug and two hand towels zie didn’t use anymore.
In the evening I went out for a while and ate an ice cream sandwich I bought from Siwa.

I set my alarm clock to ring at quarter past six o’clock in the morning (06:15 am) so I am able to get up and do the morning routines in time. My omnibus back to Kamppi, Helsinki leaves at half past seven o’clock in the morning (07:30 am) and it’s the only omnibus straight from Kangasala to Helsinki.
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