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Have fun smelling my poop

I had a dream about graduating from sixth grade. Even if I graduated before summer break, in the dream it was winter; it was probably February, judging from the powdery snow and luminous sunshine.
I was riding my bicycle on the downhill slope next to the school, and I saw symbols in the horizon, sliding from the sky to the ground; yin- yang, pizza slices, cannabis leaves, evil eye, and other 80’s grunge junk. Then I heard a faint, tinkling sound, and realized it was my alarm clock ringing.

I didn’t feel as pissed off as I usually do when my alarm clock rings; the dream was sucky anyway, and the tinkling sound that intervened with my dream was actually pleasant. And besides, I had to get up in time to make it to the Greyhound.

I had packed my stuff yesterday, everything was in order.

I took my morning medicine and dressed into my old grubby clothes that smelled of sweat. I had oatmeal porridge, berries and pancakes for breakfast.

I hugged my grandmother and told hir to take care, then I hauled my suitcase and my backpack to the bus station.

There were quite a few passengers, I guess they were coming home after Midsummer. Many of them were sleeping in their seats.

The trip back to the metropolitan area felt very quick, as it usually does. Once there I took the subway to the city center and then the bus 452K to Myyrmäki.

The underpass near my home was painted brightly by an art group named “Multicolored Dreams”. I might take some photos of it later and post them online.

Once home, I had received a letter from Helsinki Business College. I knew it would be a complaint, so I threw it into the paper bin without opening it.

I put all my stuffs to their rightful places, washed a load of laundry and hung it on the drying rack, then I took a shower and dressed into my favorite outfit; black sweater with a white Ramones logo and a pair of pink Hello Kitty fleece pants. I didn’t wear a brassiere because I had to wash every single one of them.

I logged in to the online bank service to check if I had received the monthly allowance. I counted that I can use 30 euros of it for groceries, the rest needs to be saved for new biker boots.

I went out for errands, and visited the bank to withdraw 30 euros. Then I went to the post office to retrieve a package, and yes, it was from Schlitzie. It smelled fabulous, I knew there were amazing soap bars in the package! Still, I kept my curiosity in check and didn’t open it until I got home.

I bought an iced latte and a cold- smoked salmon bagel, my stomach was yelling for food and I had to keep up my blood sugar. I took the bus 452K back to Helsinki, ate the bagel and drank the latte.

Once in Helsinki, I walked to Kamppi and visited Ruohonjuuri (“grass root”), my favorite eco- market. I bought a tube of toothpaste, fluoride free and flavored with locally grown herbs. I also bought a Humble Brush toothbrush. The brush is made of bamboo, the package is recyclable, and for every toothbrush bought, another will be given to a person in need. I love that.

I took the bus 452K back to Myyrmäki, once home I opened the package and almost bounced on the walls out of pure happiness! There were two handmade soaps, one bubblegum scented and one that I don’t recognize but it still smells amazing; a glittery Hello Kitty key ring that I attached to my new backpack; two cute Pepper the Pinhead badges; two chocolate bars that were gobbled immediately, and an adorable kitty card! THANK YOU!

Later the day I went to see my mother, so I changed my clothes into a black lace blouse and my blue Dirndl dress.

I walked to Raappavuori, mom was home and gave me 20 euros, later the day dad came back home from work.

I made coffee and ate some blueberry pie, painted my nails with mom’s Hawaii Girl nail polish, and also talked to hir about things and stuff.

I walked back to Myyrmäki, and went to Myyrmanni shopping center and visited Citymarket to buy a pair of heavy- duty insoles for the boots I am going to buy on Wednesday, and a bottle of glue I can use to fix the insoles into the boots.
I also bought a carton of milk from Citymarket.

Once back home, it was time to take my evening medicine, change into nighties, and I also drank a cup of coffee. I also ate a banana and some chocolate.

I felt horrid, I was in hypomania, my tongue was stiff and my mouth was dry. I guess it was the coffee, but it was decaffeinated so I guess it was the sugar I had with coffee, it made me speedy. I dumped the coffee grounds into the garbage bin, and wondered if I should do the same to the sugar.

I decided not to exercise or have a wash, instead I went to bed and took my laptop along.
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