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My 4200th entry!

I had a routine check- up at the dentist today. Along with my teeth, the dentist checked other parts of my mouth, tongue, facial muscles and the lymph nodes on my neck.
Both the dentist and the nurse were very nice to me, asked about my summer plans, told me that I have taken good care of my teeth and said that it's a good thing that I exercise my facial muscles. They also said that I can use toothpaste with fluoride, because a small amount of fluoride is healthy.
I was told that one of the fillings in my teeth has chipped, so we made a new appointment on July 27th at half past one o'clock in the afternoon (1:30 pm) to fix it.

I didn't feel like going home just yet, so I called my mother and asked hir if I can go to their place to spend time; mom said it was okay. I also asked hir if I can get some money for the Helsinki Pride festival, zie promised to give me 30 euros after zie comes home from hir last day at work; now that zie is 65 years old, zie will be a pensioner.

I didn't feel like walking so I took the bus 530 to Raappavuori. My brother was also visiting.

I made coffee, and used the last of the milk with it; there had been only one carton of milk and it was already halfway gone. I decided to go buy more just for my parents' sake, but I couldn't find the wallet where my parents keep their grocery money. I asked my brother, zie told me zie didn't have it.

I went to Martinlaakso library, read a few books and wrote into my diary. Then I went to Helsinki on an urbane adventure; first the bus 55 to Tikkurila, then the bus 62 to Mellunmäki, then the subway to Helsinki city center. On the way there I called Suavecita, we agreed that we are going to go to the Pride march and park festival tomorrow. Elyseé called me later and asked me if zie can have a sleepover at my home, I told hir it's okay. I also told hir that me and Suavecita are going to Pride tomorrow, zie wanted to come too.

Once in Helsinki, I visited Kiasma, the modern art museum. I didn't stay for a long time because I felt moody, unhappy, frustrated, because the delusions bothered me as usual. Sometimes they get so bad that I can't help but wondering why I haven't lost my mind in a public place, I guess I am good at hiding it. Sometimes I actually think that if I didn't have delusions, I would be much happier and content with my life.

I stayed for about a quarter of an hour, I wondered about going to the National museum but decided not to. Instead, I called my mother and told hir I am coming over to collect the money. I took the bus 452 to Louhela, and walked through the forest between Louhela and Hämeenkylä to Raappavuori.

Both my parents were home, mom gave me 30 euros as zie had promised.
I took the bus 35 to Louhela and went to Myyrmanni shopping center to buy a big carton of milk, organic no- perfume shampoo, and creme- filled cookies.

Once back home, I put my stuffs to their rightful places, and had some cookies.

I kept my promise to take my evening medicine at eight o'clock in the evening (8:00 pm) and brush my teeth right after that. By then I had drawn the curtains, and changed into pajamas.
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