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Happy Pride everyone!

My friend Elyseé came for a sleepover so we both could make it to Helsinki Pride today, which consists of the march and the park festival.

Zie had set hir alarm clock to ring early, so we both got up in time. I took a shower and dressed in pretty clothes.

We were supposed to take the bus 452 to Helsinki, but the bus never came so instead we took the bus 39 to Kamppi and then the subway to the city center. Elyseé was hungry, so we went to Hesburger for brunch, and met our friend Ansku on the way.

Elyseé was feeling faint, so zie went back home to rest. Me and Suavecita went to the march.

It was sunny and warm, we petted a lot of dogs and took some photos, and then the march set off.

We went to Cholo's for burritos, but it was closed so we went to Kotipizza for pizza instead.

We visited two of our favorite thrift shops, the one on Freda and another on Iso- Roba. I saw some fabulous clothes, but couldn't help but wondering how am I ever going to afford them.

We traveled back to Vantaa on the M train, I got off at Myyrmäki and went to a few shops before going back home.

I did a little housework and surfed on the Internet.

In the evening I forgot to take my evening medicine, that probably explains why I stayed awake watching Doctor Who on Netflix.
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