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As I wrote earlier, I stayed awake till midnight because I had forgotten to take my evening medicine. I watched Doctor Who in English subtitles on Netflix, I skipped a few episodes because I wanted to see the episode Utopia. John Simm as the Master gives me a very confused ladyboner, I might admit.

I had some enticing dreams and woke up at quarter to five o'clock in the afternoon (4:45 pm), I took my morning medicine and went back to bed.

Later Elyseé called me and asked if zie can come for a sleepover again; zie has to take a bus early in the morning, because zie is going to have a doctor's appointment. I told hir that Yes, zie is welcome. And I was glad, it gave me a well enough reason to get up, have a wash and dress into clean clothes.

Later the day zie arrived, looking as lovely as zie usually does ♥

I asked if it's okay that I go return some bottles in Siwa, the nearest grocery shop that's open on Sundays after six o'clock in the evening (6:00 pm). I was thinking of using the money to buy something like a pot of chocolate pudding, because I figured I could use a little cheer- up. I told hir it's going to take long, and that I am taking my cellphone along if zie encounters a trouble.

I rode my bicycle to Louhela, and thought that I should go for a bike ride even more often now that the weather isn't so rainy and dull anymore.

I went to Siwa, returned five bottles, but for some reason the machine rejected them all. I didn't let it bother me, so I rode my bicycle back home where everything was okay.

I had a headache in the morning, and in the evening it was returning because I had drank too much water.
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