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As I wrote earlier, my friend Elyseé came for a sleepover. Zie had to leave early, because zie had an appointment in another part of Vantaa. That was okay, I could never turn my back to a friend in need.

I slept late and had a dream about dying and entering Heaven, I was greeted by a dark- skinned woman who introduced hirself as Mother Goddess, and told me that after all the hardships I have endured, I deserve to live a life of everlasting happiness and love and peace in the safety of Heaven.
I also had a dream about Pepper the Pinhead from the TV show American Horror Story. In the first dream zie was a kid who lived in a Catholic boarding school, other kids bullied hir in order to "cure" hir microcephaly. Pepper dreamed of becoming beautiful, like the statues of Virgin Mary.
In another dream zie and Salty shoplifted from a supermarket, and Dr. Miranda Crump castigated them gently.
In the last dream I went to see Pepper in the circus, I watched the show and then complimented hir about performing so well. I hugged hir and kissed hir on the top of hir head, which made hir giggle and blush.

I had more dreams; I was visiting Lapland, which looked much like Seutula. It was a wintry night and I was listening to the news on the radio, where a scientist said that they're going to visit another universe. I was unhappy about it because I thought there's no reason in defying the laws of nature and besides, who'd know what kind of horrid things were waiting in another universe?

In another dream, it was still a wintry night in Lapland and I was asked for a picnic by a family of outlaws; we built a couch and a table out of snow and ate lots of food, and then we were visited by policemen who had such big noses that they covered their entire faces. They asked us if we had been brewing illegal moonshine, and they talked in a weird, rhyming singing voice, and I woke up to their chanting.

Elyseé had already left by the time I got up. It was about midday by then.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up and called my parents; they had gone for a week- long trip to Kokkola, and had asked me to visit them to sort out their mail and keep the place tidy.

I took the bus 53 to Raappavuori; it was such a dreamy weather, the sun shone and the wind blew gently and softly, and the air smelled of flowers.

Once in my parents' home, I sorted out their mail, put things in order, and noticed that they had left money for me, about 22 euros.

I took the bus 45 back to Myyrmäki, and visited Citymarket to buy bananas, clementines, milk and white bread.

Once home, my ASPA worker Katariina came to see me, we had a home visit today. We talked about things and stuff while I ironed clothes and washed the dishes. It's always the same when someone visits me, I feel the need to do housework while chatting. I don't feel I am showing off, it's just nice that I get stuff done.

After zie left, I cleaned up the bathroom and wondered what to do for the rest of the day. I felt like going to Helsinki, so I went out again.

I love summer afternoons, when the temperature is a bit cooler, and the sunshine is softer and the shadows are getting longer.

I took the bus 56 to Mellunmäki, then the subway to Sörnäinen, walked to the city center and went home on the bus 452K.

Once home, I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym again; I have decided not to go to the swimming pool anymore. The water is full of excretions and chemicals, the pool is always crowded, and I hate getting wet (this does not apply to taking a shower or swimming in a lake).

I love swimming in a lake, because the water is fresher and it's full of these microbes that are good for your skin and hair. I used to bathe in the sauna when visiting the summer cottage with my parents, my hair was fluffy like meringue and my skin was like peaches and cream ♥
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