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Last night I started watching Supernatural on Netflix. I watched the pilot and the episode Wendigo, holy shit that was scary. Now I am a fangirl of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, so the holy trinity of Tumblr is complete.

I had dreams about the TV show, and some other dreams that were fairly pleasant; I lived in an apartment house and it was full of older people who were really nice and kind, and some families with kids who decorated the place with pictures of fairy princesses in pink tutus, and then I had the compulsory erotic nightmare.
I had a dream where I was at Helsinki Pride march, and there was a special section for Finnish Tumblr users; we all wore badges with our Tumblr URLs, mine was "sweetkittytitty" which actually is my username on Tumblr. I met many wonderful people, the sun shone and I was happy.

I remember that when I stirred in my bed, I tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and had to twist and bend this way and that until I got up.

I didn't bother with the morning routines, I just took my medicine, dressed up, and dabbed some lotion on my face. I knew I would have regretted it, but I just wanted to log in to Netflix.
Actually, I didn't feel like watching Supernatural so I called my mother and asked hir if it's okay that I come over. At least zie didn't say it wasn't okay, and besides, I was already at the bus station.

I took the bus 51 to Martinlaakso station, and walked to Raappavuori. No one was home, but mom came home from grocery shopping, dad came home from the gym, and my brother came home later. Zie and dad were supposed to haul a brand new washing machine to my brother's apartment.

I made coffee, and ate some of the amazing strawberry cake my mom had made. It wasn't baked, it was just cookie crumbs, cream cheese and strawberries, but it was amazing.

Later the day when my brother and father started making plans on how to move the washing machine, I decided to leave.

I went home, surfed on Tumblr, and later the day had to make it to the therapy appointment, so I took the train to Helsinki, hung around for a while, called Suavecita, and made it to the therapist's office.

We had planned to have a month's break from the therapy, because Jaana, my therapist, was going to have hir summer break. We had a nice talk, and made a new appointment on August 13th at one o'clock in the afternoon (1:00 pm).

I hung around downtown, I was a bit sad when I noticed that there's a sale at the UFF thrift shops, which means that all the awesome clothes I have ogled for a while are going to be out of selection soon. They have these sales a few times over the year, kind of like, out with the old selection and in with the new. I went to my favorite shops, the one in Freda and the one in Iso- Roba, and decided to go there as soon as possible to buy all the clothes I am able to afford.

I noticed that the tea shop in Freda had a blend called "Gandalf the Grey", and next to the tea shop they were going to open a Cat Cafe, which is basically a cafe with cats abound! Awww!

I also visited a retro record shop, and some other shops and then called my mother and asked if zie can give me 20 euros for groceries. Zie said yes, and told me to come pick it up.

I took the bus 453 to Raappavuori. Mom gave me 20 euros, I made a cup of coffee, and then hugged both my dad and mom, and took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and visited Citymarket to buy tomatoes (Finnish tomatoes are very affordable this season. I used the Red Cross cloth bags for weighing and carrying vegetables), milk, butter, rye bread, and toast.

I went home, put the groceries to their rightful places, had a little snack, washed a load of laundry, and surfed on Tumblr.

Tomorrow I will meet Suavecita in Helsinki, we will go to some places and have fun!
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