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Why do Men's Rights Activists complain that all woman only want rich and handsome men who are jerks and douchebags, and ugly, poor and nice men don't stand a change?
Why is it so, that they never take ugly, poor, and nice women for dates to prevent misandrist feminazis going on a murderous rampage?

And also, if they're Men's Rights Activists, which basically means they're male supremacists, why do they believe other men to be their enemies? Meaning that they divide all men in only two types:
A. Rich and handsome men who are also jerks and douchebags and still get all women
B. Ugly and poor men who are nice guys and that's why women reject them
And at the same time, their battle cry is "not all men are the same!"

If they are against women's rights and hate women in general, why do they always try to do everything to impress women and get on dates with them?

Why don't they realize that friendship is the basis of all relationships, that it doesn't just work the way you think: hold a door open for a woman, or tell her she has nice hair, and she either gives you a blowjob or makes you a sandwich? It takes a lot of courting and being friends at first, and yes, being a nice guy, before she wants to have sex with you. Just ask any married couple.

And if they are such nice guys, why are they only nice to women they find desirable?
Why don't they open doors for disabled people (regardless of gender) who can't open the doors themselves?
Why don't they ever tell "ugly" girls and women they look beautiful (Goddess knows they would need a little positiveness in their life)?
Why don't they realize that as long as women do not receive equal pay from work, they cannot pay for dates?
If they are in favor of men, why don't they do anything nice for other men?

Why don't they support the rights of men who are truly oppressed, like men of color, trans*men, male victims of rape, queer men, men who do not share their beliefs, male feminists, disabled men?
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