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I had dreams of the summer cottage again. In the dream I was working out in the living room of the cottage, and actually felt my muscles work. I also owned a whole family of pet pigs, a boar, a sow, and a small piglet, who lived in the same living room. Unfortunately they died, and I was very sad.
I dreamed of the movie Kingsman, in the dream the characters Harry and Eggsy had a full- blown sugar daddy relationship.
In another dream my mother gave me an iPhone as a present, and I was trying to learn to use it but got frustrated.

I got up at quarter past nine o'clock in the morning. After taking my morning medicine and brushing my teeth, I took a shower and washed my hair because it was greasy. I have decided to wash my hair every third day, on days when I go to the gym.

I ate a breakfast of oatmeal porridge, a carrot, a banana, and a clementine, and I also took my vitamin supplements. I had run out of milk, so I "flushed" the porridge down with a glass of water. I have been thinking of buying oranges, not for eating like tangerines, but for making my own orange juice. Freshly squeezed juice is far more better than the one sold in grocery shops

I called mom and asked if I can come over, even if it was a bit early, about half past ten o'clock in the morning. Zie said it was okay.

I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori. Mom had promised to give me a tenner, so I could buy something to eat while me, Elyseé, and Emjuso go to Suomenlinna, a famous Finnish holiday resort.
Once in my parents' home, mom gave me 20 euros because zie didn't have a smaller bill in hir wallet. Dad gave me another 20 euros, telling me it's because zie rarely gives me any money; it's usually my mother who takes care of my allowance. Now I had 40 euros!

I made coffee and ate a little snack. It had started raining, and soon it started pouring. I stayed inside as long as the rain muttered on, and when it reduced to drizzling, I walked to the bus stop and took the bus 530 to Louhela, and went to the gym.

I walked on the treadmill for about half an hour, and then I used the exercise machines. I usually focus on the muscles on my back, shoulders, neck, stomach and sides, they're the ones that support my posture.

The gym in Myyrmäki fitness center is going on a "summer break" for a month, so I am going to go to Tikkurila fitness center for this month.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center, and visited Life to buy garlic oil capsules and chrome supplements; those are the ones that I run out of recently. Then I went to Citymarket and bought two cartons of milk and a pair of white Sloggi panties, now I have three pairs of them. I still need five pairs, so I am not going to run out of them too soon.

Once home, I put the milk into the fridge, panties to the laundry basket, and did a little housework; I hoovered the floor, scrubbed the toilet bowl, washed a load of laundry, and opened the kitchen window and balcony door to let fresh air in.

Later the day my friends Elyseé and Emjuso came over. We decided not to go to Suomenlinna today after all, because it was still raining. Suomenlinna is the best when the weather is sunny and bright.
We went to Myyrmanni shopping mall where Elyseé and Emjuso bought snacks, I bought Karelian pies and chicken eggs.

Once back in my place, we listened to music, ate snacks, and talked. Later when we left, I decided to call my mother and ask hir if I can come over again.

I took the bus 452 to Louhela and walked the rest of the trip. For some reason or other, the delusions bothered me even more viciously than usual, which is peculiar because my blood sugar was in balance, and I am not on my period anymore.

Once in my parents' place, I immediately felt better. I also felt a bit bloated, I guess I had eaten too many Karelian pies.

After a while, I decided to go back home. I hugged and kissed both mom and dad goodbye, and told them I am coming over again on Wednesday.

I walked around the neighborhood, and then took the bus 53 to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I decided it was too late to do housework. Instead, I hung around in my underwear, and at eight o'clock I am going to take my evening medicine, have a wash, put on my nighties and go to sleep. I might also exercise and meditate a bit.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker, or actually hir substitute, will come over for a visit. I will do the rest of the housework; I need to take out the garbage, wash the dishes, clean up the bathroom, take the carpet out to dust it, and most importantly hoover and mop the floor, even from under the furniture.

I might go for a bike ride, it's something I haven't done for a while. It's not because I simply and absolutely can't do it, it's just my poor motivation. Not to mention when I get exhausted from physical exercise, especially if I happen to be outdoors, the delusions start bothering me even worse than usual. I guess it's because my physical condition is still a bit poor, but once I get used to it, the delusions might cease.
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