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Monday, July 13th:
It's my friend Ansku's birthday.
My ASPA worker's substitute will come for a home visit at quarter to four o'clock in the afternoon.
I will do the rest of the housework; wash the dishes, clean up the bathroom, wipe the working desk and kitchen counter, dust my artifacts, take the carpet out to dust it, take out the garbage and recycling, wash laundry, hoover and mop the floor including from under the furniture.
I'll go for a bike ride or a walk, if it doesn't rain.

Tuesday, July 14th:
I will have an appointment with my nurse Saija in the psychiatric clinic at two o'clock in the afternoon.
If it doesn't rain, I will go for a walk or a bike ride, and perhaps visit Kiasma, the modern art museum.

Wednesday, July 15th:
I will receive the weekly allowance from the social office, and the monthly allowance from my mother. I will pay a tenner to Suavecita for buying me a scarf and a headband last week when we went shopping.
The first thing to do in the morning is to go to the bank, withdraw the money, and go to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center to buy enough food to serve me for a week, also a pair of Sloggi panties and a pair of black bamboo tights. I will also buy a brassiere from Cubus, and birthday cards for every single one of my friends who will have their birthday in July, and for those born in August. Another thing to buy is a Spotify gift card; I buy them every month because Spotify doesn't accept my Visa Electron.
I'm planning to go to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road, the 2D version, in Tennispalatsi at half past three o'clock in the afternoon.
After the movie, I will visit my parents; my mother will give me the usual 80 euros, which I will use to buy hygiene products, both domestic and personal, from an eco- market in Helsinki. I also need to go to Urbanears to buy a pair of socks.
I'll also have a gym day, I will go to Tikkurila fitness center.

Thursday, July 16th:
I don't have any special appointments for today.
I will go for a walk, or a bike ride.

Friday, July 17th:
Same as Thursday, I won't have any special appointments so I will go for a walk or a bike ride.
I have decided to dedicate Friday to preparing for the housecleaning each weekend, at least roll up the carpet and take it to the balcony, and take out clean towels from the linen closet and put them nearby so I can replace them as the first thing in the morning.

Saturday, July 18th:
I will do housework as every weekend, and as it is four months since I last washed my pillows and blankets, I will do it again.
I will also go to the gym, and if I have enough time, I will go for a walk or a bike ride.

Sunday, July 19th:
I will visit my parents, and do the rest of the housework.
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