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Last night when I went to bed, I played Pokémon: RED; now that I have already beaten the Elite Four and caught Mewtwo, Chansey, Articuno, and Moltres, I mainly focus on filling my PokéDex (I have 86 'mons right now, the last one was a Nidorino which I evolved into a Nidoking by using a Moon Stone I had found in Pokémon Mansion in Cinnabar Island) and training my favorites; Nidoqueen, Chansey, Vaporeon, Articuno, Jynx, Pikachu, Clefable, and Jigglypuff.

I went to sleep late, but I still got up early in the morning. When I woke up, I realized I was lying in my bed with my arms thrown above my head and my wrists crossed, with my knees bent and my ankles crossed.

I took my morning medicine and dealt my pills to my Dosett; my Ketipinor runs out on Sunday evening, so I have to buy more this week. Tomorrow when I go to the psychiatric clinic I have to ask if they have renewed my prescription.

I managed to do all of the morning routines, and realized that nothing prevents me from doing them, it's just my usual "I don't wanna" attitude which can easily be beaten.

I wore my new Marimekko dress, red with white polka- dots. I had recently bought it from the sales at the vintage department of the UFF thrift shop on Iso- Roba

I spent most of the day doing the housework I was supposed to do on the weekend, but I have extended the "housekeeping period" to Friday and Monday; I ironed four hand towels and two Dirndl dresses, the pink and the purple one. I washed the dishes, including my toothbrush mug, the kitchen scissors, and the spinning glass plate in the microwave oven.
I took out the garbage, including metal, paper, and carton waste. I rearranged my closet and cupboards. I scrubbed the bathroom basin and mopped the floor. I dusted my artifacts, swabbed my writing desk and kitchen counter. I took the carpet outside to dust it, and realized I should probably take it to a laundromat to wash it. I hoovered and mopped the floor from under the furniture, and kept the kitchen window and balcony door open to let fresh air in.

I visited the shopping center to return bottles and made 20 cents, then I went to the library to borrow two books, one by Jack Kerouac and one by Anja Kauranen.

My ASPA worker's substitute came for a home visit at quarter to four o'clock in the afternoon.
We talked a bit and zie recommended some of the ASPA groups, they seemed interesting.
Later the day when zie left, I continued doing housework. I also started knitting another sock, I have finished the old one.

I went to see my parents out of boredom. At first I thought of riding my bicycle, but the back tire was half empty, so I took the bicycle back to the storage room and took the bus 55 to Raappavuori.

My mother had gone to the gym. I nicked a few coins from their grocery money wallet and went to Alepa to buy a pound of sugar, I ran into my dad on the way. Zie was coming home from a walk.

Once back, I made coffee and ate the cinnamon rolls my mother had baked, I love them when they are half- raw and have this yeasty tang in them.

I went home on the bus 55, it was getting late so I took my evening medicine and put on my nightie. I didn't bother with the evening routines as it was getting late, but I forgave myself.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment in the psychiatric clinic at two o'clock in the afternoon, I have to ask the receptionist if my Ketipinor prescription is renewed because I haven't received a notification about it.
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