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Don't dream it, be it

I slept very late today, I had such amazing dreams about happy memories; sunny summers, days, Christmases, days spent at the shore, travels, and running and shrieking with laughter, and other nice things. When I woke up, I felt sad because only in my dreams I am happy, and when I am awake, I feel bored and frustrated most of the time.

I got up late in the afternoon, feeling cruddy; I was sticky with sweat, my neck and shoulders were stiff and I felt sad for most of the day going to waste, and because the happy dreams I had will never come true.
I took my morning medicine, dressed up into a pair of simple, sleek, black trousers my mom had given me, and a nifty shirt I had bought from a thrift shop.
I called my mother, telling hir I am coming over. Mom said zie was in Jumbo shopping mall with dad, and zie had left a tenner for me to buy the prescription medicine, and also some treats for the summer party; tomorrow me and Suavecita are going to a friend's party, or actually a get- together for friends.

I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori, once in my parents' home I noticed that there was a smell of freshly- baked cinnamon buns. I made coffee and ate a few buns, and collected the money, about a tenner and 50 cents in change. Later the day mom and dad came home.

I took the bus 453Z to Helsinki and went to the National Museum, there is a free entrance each Friday at 4 - 6 o'clock in the evening. The museum has historical artifacts such as bones and stones and fossils from the Stone age, and information about Fenno- Ugrian natives. It also has an exhibition of popular culture and consumerism from the 20's to 90's.

After the visit, I took the P train to Myyrmäki and went to the pharmacy to buy a batch of Ketipinor. I also bought a small bar of raspberry yoghurt- filled Fazer chocolate, my favorite kind of treat.

Once home, I prepared for the housecleaning tomorrow; I rolled up the carpet and put it to the balcony, looked for stuff to give to charity, washed a load of laundry (I am running out of clean brassieres) and put fresh towels on the washing machine, so I can replace them as the first thing tomorrow.

I changed my clothes, put on a dress that doesn't show the lack of my brassiere, and went to Myyrmanni shopping center to spend time. I visited my favorite shops, looking for stuff I could buy next week.
I decided to add Hello Kitty CD player from BR to my shopping list, they're in discount now and cost only about less than 27 euros.
In Cubus, there was another discount sale; a pair of grey pajama pants patterned with cute toffee- brown pug heads and pink hearts cost half the price, I have wanted it for a while.
In Glitter, my favorite jewelry shop, all the products were in - 25 % discount, for the rest of July. This only happens once in a lifetime, so I am going to buy a tiara, a Swarowski necklace, butterfly hair clips, and perhaps something nice for my friends like Alene, or Schlitzie; I have been planning to send them a package soon.

I bought a few treats and went home. By then the laundry was done, so I hung my underwear on the drying rack and took the rest of the clothes to the drying room downstairs.

Tomorrow I have to wash my hair, but I won't have enough time to go to the Tikkurila fitness center and visit the gym. I am going to visit Suavecita for a while, and then go to our friend Heidi's summer party. As for the rest of the day, I am going to do housework.
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